Sunday, March 20, 2011

via Lisa Morris

MS makes it's attack on me
Whack after whack, oh where can I flee?
My body feels weak, my movements so slow,
I duck and I dive to avoid the next blow,
It beats me up. I'm black and blue,
Nine rounds with Mike Tyson,
how many more can I do?
My body is numb, I start to shake,
Please Rescue me, I need a break!
But no one hears my desperate plea,
So I have to search inside of me,

I reach inside, what can I find?
A Will to Live and Strength of Mind,
I am so determined to Survive,
To Live my Life, to Stay Alive,

So this torture I must withstand,
With Faith I'll find a helping hand,
Deep inside myself I find a Strength,
To help me swim that extra length,
My stubbornness drives me from within,
To continue my search and Never Give In,

So I ride the storm. The skies WILL clear,
I KNOW that sunshine will appear,
And my sinking feet in the Quick-Sand,
Will find themselves on Solid Ground,
and Gingerly I'll get back on my feet,
For I will Never Accept defeat!

© Sylvia Brown, April 2000

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