Saturday, April 2, 2011

Your will, faith, courage, love never ceases to amaze me

Sitting here thinking about our latest trip to the hospital and the fact that you are joking with nurses , put the moves on the security guard while telling the nurse you prefer the good looking security guard pushes your bed down to xray brings a smile to my face ! Your breathing was irregular , and they had to unhook you in order to get you to radiology, and you still flirt !!! Are you serious??? You are a true inspiration , my hero . Of course you get some negativity going on after being continuously poked with needles , and listening to them tell you that there is yet another issue with your health , but amazingly are still able to smile , to joke , to love . Your accepting whatever comes at you will always be with me , I only wish I could accept these things with your grace ! I however get angry , Angry that you feel as though the doctors think you cry wolf, angry that they aren't more compassionate to your fight , and will to live , angry that when there's something wrong and you know it but feel guilty for saying so . I am a warrior for your health , I will stand by you , support you , FIGHT FOR YOU WITH ALL I HAVE !!! You are my mother and I love you with all I have in me ! I'm here , I will be here , I'm not going anywhere . Promises Ive made I will stand by , for if the shoe were on the other foot I know you would fight for me , as you have done so many times in past . I love you !

Christine Trumbull, caretaker extraordinaire!

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