Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Living a day with MS

I have not posted in awhile but felt it was time.  Traveling for the past 4 months has really shown me the difficulties, and yet the triumphs of living each day one day at a time.  As we journeyed towards California this summer I experienced some wonderful times and some low times.  I would not know each day how the day was going to proceed.  Just small things such as "parking" an RV a long way from the door to the restaurant or the service station made it quite a trek to get places.  The constant climbing in and out of the cab became wearisome.  When my eyes decided to double, as they often do, I could not follow the map or follow the beautiful countryside.  There were days that fatigue would set in and lethargy. BUT. . .
On a lighter note; I was able to see my family.  We spent months playing with the grandbabies.  Helping out our daughter in her business.  Baking cookies.  Visiting the wonderful mountains and rivers and lakes around Northern California.
My words to you today; DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS FADE.  Just because you are having a bad day today does not mean you will have one tomorrow.  When you are feeling great, get out and enjoy it.  When the rough times hit you as they are sure to do, lay back, relax, soak in a good book and warm bath and allow your body to recover.   Just know that this too will pass and tomorrow might be the best day yet.
Thanks for listening,