Friday, January 21, 2011

Tammy's poem

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Mom with MS ( A Poem)
A Mom with MS (A Poem)
A Mom with MS,
This is me, that is true.
But I will prove I am more.
In all that I do.

I refuse to be negative,
to dwell on the past.
The journey of MS
is one that will last

I am more than MS,
I am more than a label.
I can get my kids to school
And get dinner on the table.

The kids may see me nap,
More than their friend’s moms do.
But they will know my strength
And the effort I put forth in all I do.

I want them to be proud & learn from me;
That even when you face a challenge
Your life can be yours.
We are all still free.

It’s how you handle the storm
That makes you who you are.
By weathering the storm of MS,
My attitude will take me far.

I stand here stronger than MS
I won’t let you break me.
Because I am who I am
The best of me is all you’ll see!

~Tammy Caramagno Malkowski

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