Thursday, February 10, 2011


 If I can put new hope within the heart
         Of one who has lost hope,
         If I can help a brother up
         Some difficult long slope
         That seems too steep for tired feet to go,
         If I can help him climb
         Into the light upon the hill's far crest,
         I shall begrudge no time
         Or strength that I spend, for well I know
         How great may be his need.
         If I can help through any darkened hour,
         I shall be glad indeed.
         For I recall how often I have been
         Distressed, distraught, dismayed,
         And hands have reached to help, and voices called
         That kept me unafraid.
         If I can share this help that I have had,
         God knows I shall be glad.

  - Grace Noll Crowell
(received this as a special "Happy Birthday" this morning).
Enjoy, Leola

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