Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One of Life's Miracles

A smile is one of life's miracles. It brings hope to a really bad day.
It brings to a heart that is empty and bare a reason to trust, come what may.
A smile can lift the sadness that falls heavy inside a soul.
A smile can brighten a little child's heart when his home is lonely and cold.
A smile can say "I love you."  A smile can whisper, "I care."
A smile can shout, "Cheer up, my friends; your burden, I will always share!"
Be generous with your smiles today; give a smile to your loved ones dear.
Share a smile with each person you meet; work a miracle, spread some cheer.

(from Mature Living by Shirley Scruggs)

.I thought it was a great poem for all of us dealing with MS.

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